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Posted by Ben Sidaway on Friday, February 8, 2013 Under: Organising

So after being waking up with a stinking cold, there was nothing to do but sleep! Well, at least that's what I would have done if I was a normal person... Of course for me, a morning off involved speaking with Caroline at our lead sponsor, Creative Event Support, and finalising the equipment they are supplying. Several phone calls were also made to my right-hand-man, and production technician, Iain Macleod-Urie where we came across a bit of a problem, we currently have no transport for half the kit! But a bit of 'tekkies inginuity' quickly solved this.

The next part of my morning involved ringing and emailing companies who had placed adverts in the programme. We're still waiting on a few to be sent through to us, but they'll all be here in time for it to go to press.

That's it so far, no, wait! I also popped by Leyes Lane to drop off some gear for a little surprise during the show.

That's definately it now! I'm typing this at lunch, about to head off to my final lesson before USU 2013!

Just before I go, can I say a huge thank you firstly to the companies who have donated kit, and secondly to my amazing crew who donate so much of their time. The show wouldn't happen without either of you!

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