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We nailed it!

Posted by Ben Sidaway on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Under: The Show
What a night! To the cast, you were amazing! Not going to lie, this time yesterday I seriously thought this show wouldn't happen, how you proved me wrong! You were brilliant, professional and everything looked amazing!
To my production team, I wouldn't choose a different group of people if I could. You're incredible and this show simply would not happen without you! Everything ran like clockwork tonight, and all to plan (gotta be the first in USU history right?!) and looked phonomenal from the front.
I said to myself I wouldn't name people individually, but to Iain I have to say a special thank you. We started planning this show back in August, and those hundreds of hours, thousands of documents and tons of late nights paid off! The show wouldn't be anywhere near the standard it is if you didn't donate so much time to us.
Here's to tomorrow night! :D 
P.s. I will be reshowing Project One at 6pm in the hall tomorrow (Thursday) for the cast to watch if you want to!

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