This page describes the Cookies we set, the information that we collect and what is stored by USU. Consistent with UK Data Protection legislation, USU collects and retains the least amount of personally identifiable information to meet our needs.
We are also committed to keeping your information safe. 

We use cookies on our site. These are:
QuancastThis is a third-party cookie placed by our hosting company which helps them track traffic across all hosted sites. This helps them to manage server load and ensure that their user's websites are served up quickly.
Analytics - We use two of these cookies, one placed by our hosting company and one placed by us. When you visit our website, we collect standard internet log information. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to our website. We collect this information in a way which does not identify anyone. Analytics information is helpful to us as it helps us gauge our site’s success and how we can tailor our site to suit you best.
Memory - We use a cookie from Twitcker to remember the position of the twitter feed at the top of the page to keep you updated with the latest USU information. This does not identify you, nor does it identify any details about your twitter account.
Privacy Policy
Contact Form
When you use the contact us form on the website, an email with your message is sent to a generic USU email address. This email account is secure, but is accessible by all the members of the USU committee. In order to use the contact form, we ask you to provide at least your name and email address, and your phone number if possible, along with your message and the USU department. This information will only be stored for the purposes of responding to your message.
Our email inbox is communal amongst the USU committee, including both staff and a select few castle sixth form students. For this reason we ask you to only send us information that you're happy to be seen by any of these people. For sensitive messages, please contact the intended recipient directly.

Twitter & Facebook
Twitter and Facebook should only be used for non-confidential questions as all replies and conversations are publicly viewable. Whilst we encourage the use of Twitter and Facebook for easy access of information, we encourage users to send messages using our contact form on this website or direct message on Twitter and Facebook where questions relating to individuals need to be answered. It is at the discretion of the USU Twitter and Facebook account holders whether questions are answered on Twitter and Facebook, or whether an attempt is made to contact the user privately, usually through Kenilworth School, Twitter Direct Messaging, Facebook Direct Messaging or email. Twitters own privacy policy can be viewed at, and Facebooks own privacy policy can be viewed at

Links to other sites
Across our website, we have links which will take you to external websites. We check these external links upon publishing to ensure they link to the correct web page. As these websites are not owned by us, we are unable to take responsibility for their content and the privacy policies they enforce. You are advised to check the website's Privacy Policy to ensure you are comfortable with their guidelines before you continue using the third-party website. If a website's contents have changed since publishing and are no longer appropriate, please feel free to contact us.