The following people are required to attend rehearsal on Thursday 24th January.

Please let us know using this form if you are unable to make it.

Hannah Jones 

Olivia Wright 

Izzy Gilkes 

Charlotte Mayne 

Matt Stickley 

Abbie Snelson 

Michelle-Louise George 

Molly Donoghue 

Abigail Eaton

Haidee Sardley 

Emma Campbell

Karolina Potega 

Ellie Jackson 

Rachel Fisher 

Molly Homer 

Lauren McDonnell 

Katherine Beatie 

Jessica Goldie 

Katie Stockbridge

Beth Bailey 

Millie Price 

Emily Davies 

Hadassah Shah 

Holly Gale 

Georgina Edwards 

Emily Purdy

Jade Crawford 

Samantha Salter 

Lucy Taylor 

Angel Gitau

Stephanie Miller