Ben Sidaway - Lighting Designer

Ben's job as the technical director is by far the longest and most challenging out of the crew. Starting in July 2012, Ben organises the equipment, liaises with sponsors, manages the rigging and operation of equipment, ensures everyone is working safely and ensures the show runs smoothly. Ben also designs the lighting for the show and runs the lighting during the performances.


Luke Hawkins - Followspot Operator

As well as being the Deputy Technical Director, Luke is also a followspot operator. This involves using one of our two followspots during the performances and also assisting with the lighting design.

Will Blackburn - Followspot Operator


Iain Macleod-Urie - Production Engineer

Head of lighting and sound at the Priory Theatre, Iain very kindly donates his time throughout the weeks leading up to, and on the week itself, to oversee the whole production and help with the planning. His many years’ experience working within the theatre industry are incredibly valuable to us and he assists with all departments to ensure the show is the best it can possibly be.



Sam McKinnon - Sound Designer


Harry Salisbury - Sound No. 2


James Calver - Sound No. 3

As the microphone runner, Anna's job involves making sure all the microphones are in the right place around the stage and also that they are all working properly.


Tom Williams - Vision Designer


 James Dalley - Photographer

James' job is to attend rehearsals and rigging sessions to take pictures. He will then edit them throughout the week to ensure we have a large collection on display at the events.


Amy Dodd - Stage Manager

Possibly the most stressful role, some of Amy's jobs include managing the cast, ensuring the stage is safe and leading her crew. During the show, Amy will communicate with the Technical Director to make sure the show runs smoothly.

Anna Whiting - Assistant Stage Manager